HOLY crap

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yeppp. 7 months later, I update. how wonderful of me.

I blame Twitter.

hereee’s what’s gone down since october 2009, in a nutshell :

-got a job working as an assistant manager at Bluenotes at Yorkdale. met some pretty great people, and unfortunate one not-so-great person as well.

-as a result of this position, I was unable to go home for Christmas :( which sucked!!! however, my friend Diem had a “Christmas orphans party,” and I stayed over at her place. It was lovely :) thank God for her.

-my bf went away to Japan in January & February to model, it was a difficult time but we made it through! mainly because I have awesome friends; and he did really well over there, so it made it worth it in many ways.

-my mom came to visit me twice, once in late January and once with my baby bro in early March. SO so so nice :)

-two weeks ago, I was offered as a position as a Recruitment/Talent Coordinator with Mosaic, SOOOO I took it. it’s a fabulous opportunity, and I’m genuinely so excited about it.  fabulous company – and I have a DESK!!! :) oh boooy!!! haha I’m a giant loser.

mmm so this summer I really want to get more consistent with posting videos on my YouTube channel, more specifically episodes of “WTHDID?” – “What the hell do I do?” – I thoroughly enjoy making them, but the problem is my digital camera is ancient inconvenient and uses batteries, which gets very expensive very fast. FML. maaaybe I’ll buy myself a new digital camera sometime this summer.

in addition, got an exciting cottage vacation with my boys lined up in a month or so – WOO ya! annnd gonna see Lady Gaga July 12th, that’s very exciting.

so I start my new position tomorrow. yowza.

time to go iron my shirts and be a big boy. YIKES haha.

more frequent updates on here, promise! and alwaysss check my twitter ;)





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SO sorry for my lack of updates, homies.

since the beginning of september, I’ve wrapped up my summer job, went home for an extensive vaca in N.B., been through some rough times, and have job hunted like it’s well… my job.

looks like I’ve finally found a lead for a job, so I can relax a bit more and take some more time to update my beloved blog.

I’d like to point out that I neglected to celebrate my own blogday – October 5th marked 7 years of blogging for me! YEEHAW.

I must also remember that twitter does NOT replace blogging. bad boy.

I’ve had a couple of little shoots recently, so I’ll probs post those soon, and lots more friday fives and whatnot!!!


and sorry again.




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haven’t done this in quite a while … I’m still trying to strike a balance between what updates go to Twitter, and which updates should find themselves here on WordPress.

in terms of life updates, this is what’s going on as of late :

-I am moving to a new house on the other side of town as of September 1st! yooowza.

-I spent the day at Canada’s Wonderland yesterday – PHENOMENAL! Sooooo much fun. My fave ride was most likely the “Behemoth,” or the “White Water Rapids” I believe they’re called. AMAZING.

-I am planning a trip home on Sep 25-Oct 5, SO STOKED. I miss my family sooooo muchhh so it’s going to be really good! :)

-Tomorrow is an IKEA trip. Oh baby.

Soooo on top of these exciting updates, I’m going to add something I haven’t done in AGES : THE FRIDAY FIVE.

1. What time of the day is your favourite, and why?

10AM … the day is definitely still fresh, but it’s late enough (depending on when you woke up) to already have woken up and get ready for the day. :)

2. What’s the best time to take a walk, and where to?

It’s at 1PM, on a fall afternoon to the Irving Nature Park. Beaaautiful.

3. When can you work best?

Umm usually the wee hours of the morning. i.e. meeting  deadlines for the mornings after. :)

4. What to do on sunny mornings and stormy evenings?

Um … are these lyrics from a 70’s love song? I don’t really know. lol.

5. When you look outside right now, what do you see?

Um. Grey-ish skies … some houses … yknow. Da hood.

my potential careers!

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ya, took this awesome quiz on CAREERCRUISING.COM annnd found out my top 15 career choices.

notice how ‘announcer’ is in there … I’m sure that’s similar to on-air personality, aka my DREAM JOB.

obvs actor too. annnd I’ve always seen myself as the counselor type, which is actually mega interesting. :)

in order, (accompanied with my own comments,) they are :

1. Motivational speaker (YOU CAN DO IT)

2. Actor (oooobvsssss)

3. Marriage/Family Therapist (“Sooo would you say the sex is… Bad?”)

4. Bereavement Counselor (insert inappropriate joke here)

5. Addictions Counselor (STAY STRONG, GIRLFRIEND)

6. Career Coach (If I was a career coach, why would I be consulting this website?)

7. Announcer (Much like Rod Roddy on ‘The Price is Right.’ This is truly what I aspire to.)

8. Comedian (“Soooo then the CHICKEN says to the BARTENDER, he sayssss “B-CAWWW!”)

9. Clergy (HA …. mmmno.)

10. Public Relations Specialist (Looking fabulous is a must. I can do that.)

11. Communications Specialist (Yep. I communicate lots. Aka, a little vague.)

12. Activist (whaaa? vague)

13. Translator (Oui, âllo bonjour? Vous voulez les baguettes, le fromage, le vin et un fusil? Très bien, monsieur!)

14. Tour Guide (been there, d0ne that)

15. Adoption Counselor (There’s something wrong with Esther.)


yaya. thought you might get a kick out of that.

Still wanna be an actor. singer. model. television personality. and I always will.

(I’m in grade 10 apparently.)


music you need to hear

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three songs I’d looove to share with you:

Esmée Denters ft. Justin Timberlake – “Casanova Lover”

(Girl from the Netherlands has YouTube success, and gets signed to JT’s label. This is the result.)

Tinchy Stryder ft. Amelle Berrabah – “Never Leave You”

(Rando British rapper featuring the hot chick from the Sugababes. Basically the top of the U.K. charts at the moment. SO CATCHY.)

Ricki-Lee – “Don’t Miss You”

(Runner-up of a past season of Australian Idol … meets post-reality television SUCCESS! And kicks ass at the same time.)

enjoy ;)


lack of updates? yes, please!

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soooo I think I broke a new record for most time elapsed between updates… WHOOPS

in my defense, I did start a new full-time job. AND I’ve been updating my twitter account … (see: ‘tweeting’) on a highly regular basis. sooo yknow. I’m only partially accountable. ;)

in a nutshell, here’s what’s new :

-like I said, new job. basically I work for Mosaic, an experiential marketing company – and one of their clients is Cadbury-Adams, who therefore make Stride gum … SO I drive my stridemobile around town and give people lots of gum! But there’s actually a crazy marketing aspect to it … we have call reports every day to submit, we have conference calls once a week, some fun marketing lingo – etc, etc.

-planning on moving either September 1 or October 1. with my friend Matt. more details to come on that … ahhhhh scary scary scary! but good. and definitely necessary.

-6 months as of yesterday with C! soooo happy. :) <3

-def planning a trip home for late september/early october!

buuut speaking of work, I gotta go get ready.

WILL UPDATE more frequently, prooooomise!!!



my fave AYAOTD moments

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Yes, ladies and gentleman – I would like to share with you my most treasured “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” moments.

Are YOU Afraid of the Dark? ;)

Are YOU Afraid of the Dark? ;)

Being the mega-dork that I am, I know many of the episodes quite intimately … and there are definitely some moments that have made me laugh my head off, or pee my pants … mostly the former, however.

Firstly, I should point out the original introduction for the pilot episode looked like this. crazy, eh? However, I’m sure the introduction that everyone recognizes, knows, and loves is this. CREEPY.

So, to point out my favorite moments, I’m going to have a little awards ceremony.

The first award: Best Moment of Comedic Relief goes to … “The Tale of the Frozen Ghost!” Yes, you know that creepy episode where that illuminated ghostly little boy stands outside the window saying, “I’m cold?” WELL. (Not to mention this episode features the acting talents of Melissa Joan Hart … eat your heart out, Sabrina the Teenage Witch!) Basically one of the old aunts is explaining how this robber character died – so, lead the clip load, and start at 1:57 … you’ll know when the ‘comedic relief’ comes in at around 3:10. Check it out!

The second award: Biggest ‘FML’ Moment goes to… “The Tale of the Dollmaker!” This episode features former MuchMusic VJ Amanda Walsh. Wow, talk about mega-Canadiana EH! Mind you, for those not in the know, “FML” stands for “F*** My Life,” otherwise known as a dreadful moment in one’s life. The FML moment happens when Amanda’s character (who has been turned into a doll) is asked to help them both escape. Doll-girl can’t exactly help her out… Find out why at 8:45 (takes a little while to load but SO worth it.)

The third award: Best Freak Out! This one is positively excellent in my books. Not only is the moment itself creepy as hell, but the girl’s reaction is STELLAR! I’m not going to delve into the storyline, but as you can see it’s quite the scary moment. Check it out @ 3:30. (This is also exactly how I’d react if you told me there was no more sushi in the world.)

OOOK so I’m going to leave it at those three awards for now – I’ll see how the response is, and if it’s positive then I might post some more. Holla at me if you liked this! :)


P.S. I love that now that I’m done school, I have time to post such things. Oh boy