my fave AYAOTD moments

Yes, ladies and gentleman – I would like to share with you my most treasured “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” moments.

Are YOU Afraid of the Dark? ;)

Are YOU Afraid of the Dark? ;)

Being the mega-dork that I am, I know many of the episodes quite intimately … and there are definitely some moments that have made me laugh my head off, or pee my pants … mostly the former, however.

Firstly, I should point out the original introduction for the pilot episode looked like this. crazy, eh? However, I’m sure the introduction that everyone recognizes, knows, and loves is this. CREEPY.

So, to point out my favorite moments, I’m going to have a little awards ceremony.

The first award: Best Moment of Comedic Relief goes to … “The Tale of the Frozen Ghost!” Yes, you know that creepy episode where that illuminated ghostly little boy stands outside the window saying, “I’m cold?” WELL. (Not to mention this episode features the acting talents of Melissa Joan Hart … eat your heart out, Sabrina the Teenage Witch!) Basically one of the old aunts is explaining how this robber character died – so, lead the clip load, and start at 1:57 … you’ll know when the ‘comedic relief’ comes in at around 3:10. Check it out!

The second award: Biggest ‘FML’ Moment goes to… “The Tale of the Dollmaker!” This episode features former MuchMusic VJ Amanda Walsh. Wow, talk about mega-Canadiana EH! Mind you, for those not in the know, “FML” stands for “F*** My Life,” otherwise known as a dreadful moment in one’s life. The FML moment happens when Amanda’s character (who has been turned into a doll) is asked to help them both escape. Doll-girl can’t exactly help her out… Find out why at 8:45 (takes a little while to load but SO worth it.)

The third award: Best Freak Out! This one is positively excellent in my books. Not only is the moment itself creepy as hell, but the girl’s reaction is STELLAR! I’m not going to delve into the storyline, but as you can see it’s quite the scary moment. Check it out @ 3:30. (This is also exactly how I’d react if you told me there was no more sushi in the world.)

OOOK so I’m going to leave it at those three awards for now – I’ll see how the response is, and if it’s positive then I might post some more. Holla at me if you liked this! :)


P.S. I love that now that I’m done school, I have time to post such things. Oh boy


~ by joeltotherescue on July 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “my fave AYAOTD moments”

  1. HAHAHAHA this is genius !!!!

  2. hahaha Joel! I haven’t checked up on here in such a long time, but now I’m so glad that I did.
    I HATED (and by hated I mean I was completely frightened by..) the episode where there was a sick red creature living in the school pool where a little boy drown years before (I actually believe the boy was Jay from Popular Mechanics for Kids holla!! but I could be wrong because it’s been ages hah)
    I swear when I walk into the pool at my work every time I look to the drain expecting the red liquid to start bubbling up from it. hahaha Okay enough embarrassing things about me for the day. Anyway I just wanted to tell you that this post has most certainly made my night!

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