lack of updates? yes, please!

soooo I think I broke a new record for most time elapsed between updates… WHOOPS

in my defense, I did start a new full-time job. AND I’ve been updating my twitter account … (see: ‘tweeting’) on a highly regular basis. sooo yknow. I’m only partially accountable. ;)

in a nutshell, here’s what’s new :

-like I said, new job. basically I work for Mosaic, an experiential marketing company – and one of their clients is Cadbury-Adams, who therefore make Stride gum … SO I drive my stridemobile around town and give people lots of gum! But there’s actually a crazy marketing aspect to it … we have call reports every day to submit, we have conference calls once a week, some fun marketing lingo – etc, etc.

-planning on moving either September 1 or October 1. with my friend Matt. more details to come on that … ahhhhh scary scary scary! but good. and definitely necessary.

-6 months as of yesterday with C! soooo happy. :) <3

-def planning a trip home for late september/early october!

buuut speaking of work, I gotta go get ready.

WILL UPDATE more frequently, prooooomise!!!




~ by joeltotherescue on August 6, 2009.

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