my potential careers!

ya, took this awesome quiz on CAREERCRUISING.COM annnd found out my top 15 career choices.

notice how ‘announcer’ is in there … I’m sure that’s similar to on-air personality, aka my DREAM JOB.

obvs actor too. annnd I’ve always seen myself as the counselor type, which is actually mega interesting. :)

in order, (accompanied with my own comments,) they are :

1. Motivational speaker (YOU CAN DO IT)

2. Actor (oooobvsssss)

3. Marriage/Family Therapist (“Sooo would you say the sex is… Bad?”)

4. Bereavement Counselor (insert inappropriate joke here)

5. Addictions Counselor (STAY STRONG, GIRLFRIEND)

6. Career Coach (If I was a career coach, why would I be consulting this website?)

7. Announcer (Much like Rod Roddy on ‘The Price is Right.’ This is truly what I aspire to.)

8. Comedian (“Soooo then the CHICKEN says to the BARTENDER, he sayssss “B-CAWWW!”)

9. Clergy (HA …. mmmno.)

10. Public Relations Specialist (Looking fabulous is a must. I can do that.)

11. Communications Specialist (Yep. I communicate lots. Aka, a little vague.)

12. Activist (whaaa? vague)

13. Translator (Oui, âllo bonjour? Vous voulez les baguettes, le fromage, le vin et un fusil? Très bien, monsieur!)

14. Tour Guide (been there, d0ne that)

15. Adoption Counselor (There’s something wrong with Esther.)


yaya. thought you might get a kick out of that.

Still wanna be an actor. singer. model. television personality. and I always will.

(I’m in grade 10 apparently.)



~ by joeltotherescue on August 19, 2009.

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