haven’t done this in quite a while … I’m still trying to strike a balance between what updates go to Twitter, and which updates should find themselves here on WordPress.

in terms of life updates, this is what’s going on as of late :

-I am moving to a new house on the other side of town as of September 1st! yooowza.

-I spent the day at Canada’s Wonderland yesterday – PHENOMENAL! Sooooo much fun. My fave ride was most likely the “Behemoth,” or the “White Water Rapids” I believe they’re called. AMAZING.

-I am planning a trip home on Sep 25-Oct 5, SO STOKED. I miss my family sooooo muchhh so it’s going to be really good! :)

-Tomorrow is an IKEA trip. Oh baby.

Soooo on top of these exciting updates, I’m going to add something I haven’t done in AGES : THE FRIDAY FIVE.

1. What time of the day is your favourite, and why?

10AM … the day is definitely still fresh, but it’s late enough (depending on when you woke up) to already have woken up and get ready for the day. :)

2. What’s the best time to take a walk, and where to?

It’s at 1PM, on a fall afternoon to the Irving Nature Park. Beaaautiful.

3. When can you work best?

Umm usually the wee hours of the morning. i.e. meeting  deadlines for the mornings after. :)

4. What to do on sunny mornings and stormy evenings?

Um … are these lyrics from a 70’s love song? I don’t really know. lol.

5. When you look outside right now, what do you see?

Um. Grey-ish skies … some houses … yknow. Da hood.


~ by joeltotherescue on August 30, 2009.

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