HOLY crap

yeppp. 7 months later, I update. how wonderful of me.

I blame Twitter.

hereee’s what’s gone down since october 2009, in a nutshell :

-got a job working as an assistant manager at Bluenotes at Yorkdale. met some pretty great people, and unfortunate one not-so-great person as well.

-as a result of this position, I was unable to go home for Christmas :( which sucked!!! however, my friend Diem had a “Christmas orphans party,” and I stayed over at her place. It was lovely :) thank God for her.

-my bf went away to Japan in January & February to model, it was a difficult time but we made it through! mainly because I have awesome friends; and he did really well over there, so it made it worth it in many ways.

-my mom came to visit me twice, once in late January and once with my baby bro in early March. SO so so nice :)

-two weeks ago, I was offered as a position as a Recruitment/Talent Coordinator with Mosaic, SOOOO I took it. it’s a fabulous opportunity, and I’m genuinely so excited about it.  fabulous company – and I have a DESK!!! :) oh boooy!!! haha I’m a giant loser.

mmm so this summer I really want to get more consistent with posting videos on my YouTube channel, more specifically episodes of “WTHDID?” – “What the hell do I do?” – I thoroughly enjoy making them, but the problem is my digital camera is ancient inconvenient and uses batteries, which gets very expensive very fast. FML. maaaybe I’ll buy myself a new digital camera sometime this summer.

in addition, got an exciting cottage vacation with my boys lined up in a month or so – WOO ya! annnd gonna see Lady Gaga July 12th, that’s very exciting.

so I start my new position tomorrow. yowza.

time to go iron my shirts and be a big boy. YIKES haha.

more frequent updates on here, promise! and alwaysss check my twitter ;)




~ by joeltotherescue on May 2, 2010.

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