a weekend that left a lot to be desired

well ladies and gents, it’s almost july! and that means 2008 is almost halfway finished. to me, this is absolutely unnnreal. so much has happened in the past six months – I have grown so very much. I’m so grateful for the experiences I’ve had – some were delightful, and some were extremely painful – but in both cases, I have grown and have become a stronger (and hopefully) better person.

I have had a weekend that left a lot to be desired, clearly. friday was nice – I’m really glad I went out to celebrate my friend’s birthday, if not out of devotion to our friendship then to go out and see lots of fun people. but cougar’s while sober only gets so good before it gets … well, bad. haha.

theeen saturday, fortunately went for a gorgeous run and had a chance to meet up with my gorgeous wife courtney for a spot of shopping, which was grand. that night, I had a big date planned … the same person bailed on me last weekend, but I thought I’d be kind and give a second chance. did it happen? nope – after 6:15PM all contact was cut off apparantly, and I was bailed on once again. FORTUNATELY I have wicked friends and had a back-up plan … headed up to Freddy with my awesome new friend Monique! and stayed at my friend Jen’s place, and it was phenomenal. went out to the Snooty Fox for predrinks then to Boom … such a good time. the bouncer regonized me actually… sad sad sad. lol.

anyway the whole time was great – woke up at 9AM this morning, drove back into town, worked 11:45-5, and here I am. trying not to feel disheartened, because I certainly shouldn’t have had any expectations of anything after the first time. I just thought this person had maturity on their side… but I guess not? It’s been 24 hours now and I’ve still yet to receive a smidgeon of an explanation. I mean, I’m sure there’s a valid reason just like the first time, but I told this person I wouldn’t be mad if they told me the truth, and yet I’ve still heard nothing. I feel I’m better off not dating someone this flaky in the first place. I’m all for giving second, sometimes third chances, but this is ridonculous! truly.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it a trillion times again – thank God for my wicked awesome friends. they’ve saved me more times than I can count.

off on my little vaca in two weeks – a REAL photoshoot!!!!!!!! I’m THRILLED. I haven’t had one since April, I effing LOVE photoshoots. I mean, it’s only a creative, but the photographer’s great and very fun. he’s looking to do ‘edgier’ stuff with me … it may be innnnnappropriate! (my fave!)

also, I feel the need to point out how happy I am about the absence of drama in my life. I mean, certainly I have things that go wrong and relationships and friendships that don’t work out – but none of this jerry springer stuff. someone tried to “call me out” on something while out on friday night – I simply wouldn’t have it. screwww that! I do not accept such foolishness in my life – it’s called having class, thank you very much.

I’ve also noticed my complete lack of any sort of multimedia on my blog save for text recently – and I do apologize, but I’m just lazy from time to time, give me a breaaak.

k. that’s my update. hope you had / are having a fab canada day weekend!!!




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  1. Wow, very great subject. I’m goin to write about it too.

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