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remember that time I had a blog … and I should update it regularly??? eee, sorry guys. I guess Twitter is a great thing because it allows me to frequently update on short quick thoughts I have, but it sometimes replaces the need for a blog. well, no, it doesn’t replace – there is ALWAYS room for a blog in my life, but sometimes it makes me feel like I’ve already posted an update.


here I am. holla.

the cottage was fab. got mega tanned, got really drunk all the time, jumped off a waterfall, had some lovely moments at the beach, etc. etc. :) oh and obvs saw some excellent landmarks in rural Ontario … such as the fabulous ‘Skyview Motel’ … SNOOZE. and cows.

yoooowza super-burnt!

yoooowza super-burnt!

aaafter that, I worked 6 days in a row since getting back last Thursday. worked the entire Pride Weekend, SO much fun! crazy pink outfits and whatnot, even got to walk the parade … case and point :

pink pink pink

pink pink pink

cuuute eh.

um ya, falling asleep, can’t lie.



P.S. this is my first summer away from home … can’t lie, a little homesick :(


secret’s out.

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I was Lights’ date for the MMVA’s :)


One of the most important parts of the MMVAs is making an entrance on the red carpet. Toronto’s Lights showed up with a guy dressed as an astronaut from her video.

“Perfect accessory, perfect boy,” Lights, whose real name is Valerie Poxleitne, told MuchMusic veejay Sarah Taylor.

Link: http://jam.canoe.ca/Music/2009/06/22/9882736-sun.html

off to the cottage til thursday! :)


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Well, ya. As you can see I don’t always have the time to update, which I apologize for, BUT life happens, tralalala

Basssically I am now a grad! Had my convocation ceremony this past Thursday, it was pretty friggin amazing. My famjam came to town, (more specifically Mom & Ben) and it was looovely.

Me and my Mom :)

Me and my Mom :)

Me and my baby bro

Me and my baby bro

High School Musical 4: Ryerson

High School Musical 4: Ryerson

Yep. Good times.

Starting work full-time for Mosaic on July 8… Should be fun!!! I’m stoked.

Until then I’m just enjoying life h-core until I have to start work full-time. I cannot even stress how happy I am to be living in Toronto now. It’s aweeesomeeee.

Time for a run!


P.S. The PS22 Chorus rocks my socks, check it out : Just Dance!

so here I am

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the funny thing about blogging for an extended period of time is that your thoughts are up on the internet for the world to see… presumably forever. (dun dun dunnn) but ya, I’ve been blogging since I was 14, (my blogday is October 5, 2002.) I can  go back in time and see what I was feeling at a specific point in my life… case in point, I’m reading over my old updates from when I first started university, at the age of 17 … I’d never been to Toronto, and bam! there I was. quite the shock.

annnd now … I graduate in two days! tomorrow, my mom and Ben are coming to town, YOWZA. my ceremony is on thursday. annnd then I’ll officially have a degree under my belt. what happens after that is a fabulous question … who knows. BUT the important thing is that all of my hard work has finally paid off!!! :) Thank God.

Pics and vids coming soon!

Almost a graduate…


lip-synching professionals. especially when drunk.

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Alas, mine (and my friends’) enormous lip-synching talents have come to the forefront. What can I say.
TLC’s “No Scrubs” for example is an excellent demonstration of our skills.

As is Aqua’s “Barbie Girl.” HOT. Mind you, we were all mega intoxicated.

Also … my solo efforts were just as successful, as I tried to sit on a yoga ball: JUST DANCE.

Yep. Looove my life.

By the way. I graduate onnn Thursday. HOLY CRAP

Mom & Ben are coming soon. Unbelievable.

I’m gon’ name ma baby Fri’Chickenisha

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When I have four daughters, I’m going to name them :

#20: Obamaiqua, #35 Da’Quonde (teeth licking included,) and my fave twins, Bonifa & Bareesha, (#49 and 44, respectively.)

Mmm-hmm girl, mmm-hmm.

just a little WHOO WHOO

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HAHA so this is probably one of the funniest news reports I’ve ever seen…

watch it here, then I’ll tell you why I like it so much lol.

a) I LOVE how the news station didn’t question the mechanic’s name whatshowever … they legitimately thought his name was “BUBB RUBB.” HOLLAAA. His title: Whistle Fan. Even better – later on in the report they announce the pair as “Bubb Rubb and Lil’ Sis.” WELL delightful.
b) Incidentally, “Lil’ Sis” is a lil’ frightening… aka VERY. Her grill, sunglasses, and standoffish demeanor “Iss juss a lil’ decorationnn” truly concerns me. Yowza.
c) I ALSO love how all the people he interviews who are opposed to the whistles are stuffy old white people. All of the ethnic people LOVE the whistles, but all of the stuffy white peeps are like “oh HELL nooo.”

thought you might enjoy that.